The services offered by Hippasus can be broadly divided into three categories:

Project-oriented consultation:

Hippasus stresses the need for individualized approaches in the design of technological solutions and new pedagogical approaches. Our unique approach is based upon ten years of research, resulting in a novel matrix model for the design and evaluation of IT-based solutions. We will carefully analyze the specifics of your project, and put together a team that is optimally calibrated to your needs. We offer a range of competitive rates - call us at 413-441-6467, or email us at

Intensive work seminars:

We believe that the best results in transforming education come neither from a purely theoretical standpoint, nor from jumping into new processes without careful consideration. The approach we espouse can most accurately be termed "theory into practice", merging the best understanding of current research with the tools and practices to bring it into action, and applying a carefully designed set of metrics to evaluate the results. Our seminars reflect this approach. These intensive seminars present theory contextualized for its use in the design of educational solutions; the bulk of each seminar focuses on applications and metrics tailored to your needs. All seminars include both a short-term followup component, as well as options for long-term followup consulting arrangements.

Current Seminars:

Seminar Series:

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Prepackaged solution bundles:

Some problems are encountered in a range of institutions. Thanks to the broad educational expertise available within Hippasus, we are able to offer prepackaged solution bundles to address commonly encountered educational problems. These prepackaged solutions are accompanied by a range of individualized consulting options, designed to provide the best fit between your specific needs and the solution package.

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