Grow Your Own Horizon Report

The slides from the seminar that Wayne Brent and I conducted at the EDUCAUSE 2009 Conference are now online. Here’s the original session description:

Since 2004, the Horizon Report has provided an invaluable tool for identifying the emerging technologies and trends that will impact education. However, the report is much more than an annual printed booklet: it is also a process that you can use at your institution to create your own mini-Horizon for tactical and strategic planning and decision making.
In this workshop, we will share and model the report process with you. By the conclusion of the seminar, we will have developed a specialized and fully up-to-date product that reflects the emerging technologies and issues of most direct relevance to seminar participants. At the same time, we’ll also see how this approach can be supplemented by other tools like prediction markets. Come join the fun and be part of the process!

The slides can be downloaded as a PDF in either screen or print format. The “mini-Horizon” results can also be downloaded as a PDF, in either screen or print format.