Assembling the Puzzle: Five Tech Pieces for Education

A three-day workshop, offered as part of the MLTI 2013 Summer Institute:

To achieve transformative results in one-to-one technology initiatives, a basic office suite will not suffice. Based upon a decade of research from the Horizon Project, we can identify five software categories that must be available to students and teachers for top-tier outcomes to result. In this series of sessions, we will examine these five categories – social software, mobile resources, simulation and visualization tools, digital storytelling, and educational gaming – and learn how to use them productively across all subject areas. We will see how to integrate them into SAMR- and TPCK-informed instructional designs that instantiate key 21C literacies, and fold formative assessment into the design structure. Applications will be stressed throughout, with working demos and exemplars.

More information about the sessions can be found here:

Assembling the Puzzle: Five Tech Pieces for Education – Flyer

Assembling the Puzzle – Day 1

Assembling the Puzzle – Day 2

Assembling the Puzzle – Day 3