A Trilogy of Talks

Over the past two months, I have had the opportunity to present three talks at events sponsored by the New Media Consortium, covering some of my recent work on digital storytelling, as well as my current research on the “lively sketchbook”. Full recordings and resources for all three talks are now available online:

Mapping the Digital Storytelling Domain: Notes for a Future Cartographyhttp://www.nmc.org/preso/7724

MIDEA Presents Two Perspectives on Digital Storytellinghttp://www.nmc.org/connect/2010/march/30

The Lively Sketchbookhttp://www.nmc.org/connect/2010/april/16

I would like to thank the NMC for providing me the opportunity to share this work with an intellectually passionate and diverse audience — and I strongly encourage everyone to check out some of the other recordings from the NMC Symposium on New Media and Learning, as well as the Connect@NMC Series.