Building Upon SAMR

The slides from my presentations in Brisbane, Adelaide, Melbourne, Sydney, and Perth, as well as Singapore, Bangkok, and Abu Dhabi are now online:

Building Upon SAMR

I have also uploaded the slides from my workshop on SAMR ladder design:

SAMR: Thoughts for Design

My thanks to everyone who attended the sessions – you’ve given me a wonderful welcome to Australia, Singapore, Thailand, and the UAE!

4 thoughts on “Building Upon SAMR”

  1. Overall I got confirmation on my ideas where e-Learning will be going. In my viiosn post Ia0 addressed a number of issues. I saw and heard all of them back in Orlando, except

  2. Hi
    You have seen my question before but I haven´t got any answer, could You please tell med what Ph.D you got (in what major) and from what university?
    Would be nice to know

  3. George, my Ph.D. is in Chemistry from Harvard University. My educational research also started at that time, as a result of the work I did with Dr. David Layzer and Dr. Dudley Herschbach on designing a new integrated approach to the teaching of introductory Physics and Chemistry.

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