One thought on “(Re)Architecting the Classroom: A Leadership Perspective”

  1. Hi Ruben – great to be able to download your slides from here – many thanks for making them available. Glad the trip went well! One thing – the tiny URL for your iTunes podcast doesn’t work for me 🙁
    – can I also ask if you offer some kind of course to become a ‘SAMR certified’ trainer so to speak?

  2. Thanks Ruben, the session today bought to life the knowledge and information I had about technology integration in the 1:1 model. It was great to see and hear your passion for this. Jody

  3. Hi Ruben,
    It was great to hear you speak and to meet you. I’m invigorated and excited to apply the SAMR model in my school. Thanks for being available and so personable.

  4. Ruben, thanks for an inspiring session in Perth early yesterday morning. 7:30am starts can be hard work … not this one. I’m familiar with some of your work and it was great to hear you talk about so convincingly! The only area that I am struggling with is your new “six exemplars”. Do you have any papers that expand this ideas. It looks attractive, but I am not sure what they are exemplars of? Are you using all the words as nouns? They just seem like very different things. So, where for example would something like one of the first music technologies (bone flute 30,000BP) fit in with this. Love to read a bit more about this – I found your contextualisation say around the Babylonian tablets and then papyrus really interesting. Thanks again for your great work and great presentation yesterday! Have a good trip home.

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