SAMR, TPCK, and Educational Technology: Three Presentations

The slides from my recent presentations in Göteborg and Stockholm are now online:

I would like to thank everyone who participated in the planning and development of these sessions – I can truly say that I felt welcome and at home everywhere I went. And while this was my first trip to Sweden, I certainly hope to return again in the future to continue our discussions.

2 thoughts on “SAMR, TPCK, and Educational Technology: Three Presentations”

  1. Hi Ruben
    At an apple briefing today with Stephanie Hamilton and she mentions your work. I Am sorry I missed your session at iste – thanks for sharing your slides for those of us that missed you there…

  2. Hi Rubin,
    I met you several times at Pop Tech in Camden. One of my projects these days is working on the Maine OER project using your SMAR model for technology. This presentation is helpful to me
    Holographic perspective seems to be in the fold these days too : )
    Take care, Arlene

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